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We are a collection of services for cryptocurrency owners, businesses, investors, traders, and developers. Our mission is to build the necessary tools that make working with cryptocurrencies easy, ensuring that everyone has equal access to a financial freedom that champions decentralization.

Saturn Network / Released

With the release of, developers can now create trading bots that interact with Saturn Network in Python or JavaScript.

Saturn Network /

Q2 2019 Summary

Saturn Network presents its regular progress update in our Q2 2019 Summary with a new exchange UI release.

Getting Started /

ERC20 Approve Explained

Here we explain what is an ERC20 Approve transaction, and provide an overview of how it is displayed on Saturn Network when trading ERC20 tokens.

Saturn Network /

Interface Updates and Charts

We now have a new user interface for handling ERC20 Approval transactions, updated order pages and display OHLCV charts for every token. Come have a look!

Saturn Network /

Wake Up People!

Neuron explains our hardest challenges of creating a truly decentralized financial system. And that the time for Saturn DAO to be more vocal is now!

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