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CoinSecure exchange hacked

Hackers stole 3 million dollars worth of bitcoin from an exchange called CoinSecure. Should have been called CoinInsecure! Next time don't trust the empty marketing, vote with your dollar and use decentralized exchanges!

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Saturn Network Website Is Live

Announcement! Saturn Network website is now live, here you will find our pre sale & ICO details. A whole wealth of information about the future of our project.

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List of cryptocurrency exchange hacks

More than 980,000 bitcoins have been stolen from exchanges, which would be worth more than $15 billion at current exchange rates. Remember, none of these exchanges are insured or regulated, and if you store your money on a centralized exchange you risk losing it all.

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Is Bitcoin dead?

January'18 was a rough month for cryptocurrencies. Is it the end of bitcoin or just a long anticipated correction? Let's look at the data.

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