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First Rados franchise to open in Russia

Rados opens the first franchise in Russia. Want to run a Rados franchise in your country? Read the article and learn how to apply!

First Rados franchise to open in Russia

One of the goals of Rados platform is to break down the little comfortable information bubbles we live in and enable everyone to face the truth and biases of other cultures and learn how to live together. At the end of the day, we all trade together on one global market, and we should all know what's going on in other countries if we want to be the first to react to the news and make a profit.


According to Google Analytics, Russia is our top-2 country by engagement. As a part of a test rollout we've partnered with one of our Pre-ICO investors to launch Rados Russia.

Rados Russia will be responsible for promoting Rados brand in the Russian cryptocurrency community, organizing cryptocurrency and blockchain-tech events and managing content. Some news will only be interesting to the local community, like local event calendar, while others might be interesting to our global community, such as the legal status of cryptocurrency exchanges in Russia. The latter category of news will be translated to other languages and shared with our global community, making sure that the whole Rados family can take advantage of having fast access to a global information feed.

Eventually we'll launch a tip bot, so our community can reward newsmakers. The tip amount will be broken down between Rados, the franchise owner and the bulk of it will go to the newsmaker.

The donations can be made in any ERC20 or ERC223 tokens that are tradeable on Saturn Network.

On a global scale, our regional branches will help us all better integrate into the global cryptocurrency market. Russia is one of the key players on the global political and financial arenas, and it's important for all of us to understand the specifics of their mentality and market making activity. We are looking to open franchises in China, Indonesia, Japan, Europe, Australia and South America.

Want to partner with Rados and feel like you've got what it takes to run a successful franchise? Shoot us your proposal and questions at [email protected].

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