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Announcing Saturn dApp Development Kit

Help Team Saturn create the best dApp development kit in the industry and onboard the next generation of developers on Ethereum Classic.

Announcing Saturn dApp Development Kit

With our Atomic Arbitrage IDEO we are tackling the biggest problem of out ETH exchange - instant liquidity for tokens. Combined with our free self-listing, low fees, sexy user interface, 1 click transactions and one of the best user onboarding stories in the industry we believe that we shall soon see explosive growth in usage of our ETH platform.

In the spirit of treating all chains equally, what can we do for ETC side of equal caliber? What is the single biggest problem we can solve that will help the community, unleash their creativity, and as a byproduct increase daily trading volume on the ETC exchange?

Saturn dApp Kit IDEO

  • Target: 5000 ETC
  • Price: 0.0002
  • Token Allocation: 25,000,000 SATURN
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We have observed first hand the energy and creativity of ETC  community. They are eager to learn and are motivated to create exciting products that use the Ethereum Classic blockchain. However, historically Ethereum Classic blockchain has been bad at onboarding developers. Unless you are already highly skilled you are unlikely to pick Ethereum Classic as your target chain. It is only fitting that the team that brought you the first Ethereum Classic DEX, the first dApp and the best dApp wallet will also produce the best dApp developer kit. After all, we know a thing or two about developing dApps ourselves!


Onboarding smart contract developers onto Ethereum Classic network has become a major pain in last couple of months. Previously, we’ve recommended using Remix tool developed by Ethereum Foundation. However, latest releases of Remix have largely broken Ethereum Classic compatibility, which is a goddamn shame.

We need your help in order to summarize everything that we have learned about writing dApps and deliver the best dApp development kit in the industry that will cover the whole development lifecycle: from coming up with an idea, to writing the smart contracts, to testing and auditing them, to deploying them on mainnet and creating great user interfaces. We are raising 5000 ETC in order to complete the following work:

  • Github template - the starting point for every dApp that will get you going from zero to full speed in no time
  • Smart contract library - we will provide reference implementations of popular smart contracts, such as ERC20, ERC223, Mineable token standard, Deflationary tokens, Stakeable tokens, Oracles, Hourglass, and many others. All these contracts will come with in-depth reviews, tutorials and high test coverage
  • Guides on how to properly test your smart contracts
  • Guides on how to debug your smart contracts - invaluable tool for devs during development, saves weeks if not months!
  • Scripts to deploy your creations to ETH and ETC mainnet and verify them on block explorers
  • Guides for how to create modern user interfaces for your dApps and connect them to your smart contracts, and how to deploy those user interfaces on the public internet and share with the world
  • And lots and lots of tutorials!

And there is no better time than now. Atlantis ETC Hard Fork is coming up shortly (in September 2019), and it will bring support for modern Solidity compiler versions, as well as opcodes necessary for creating zkSNARK privacy preserving smart contracts. We believe that it will be a fantastic combo for the whole Ethereum Classic community, even if you are ETC maximalist and don't believe in tokens: imagine releasing both the hard fork and the dApp dev kit - a truly powerful combo.

In return for supporting our IDEO (Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering) and for trading on Saturn Network, you earn SATURN tokens, which will be used for on-chain governance of Saturn Protocol. Fees collected from trading on Saturn will be distributed to Saturn token holders as dividends.


This token economics design makes the token price proportional to exchange volume. If you believe that dApp Kit and tutorials for devs to develop #defi, dapps and new tokens on Ethereum Classic will bring more volume to our exchange you might want to get some tokens early! Happy trading!

You can support and participate in our IDEO immediately on our exchange website, no need to fill in any KYC details or create an account, all you need is your favourite dApp browser.

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